About the Design

I just wanted to get a constant working procedure for these multi color prints.

I have changed the markers to a solid square as my slicer moves across the print to the next spot dragging filament onto the print this keeps the head circling the print.

print colors in print order
for best results take a flat spatula or sand paper and lightly remove the roughness after each color print.

also make sure you remove the square marker on every color print.

black -clothing and bows
border-brown or black

Of course these are all up to you if you want to make her sicodelic or something else i think that would look pretty cool as well.

Layer height set to .3mm this is critical as this is the layer height of the colors so that there is no hitting.

Turn off auto position in your slicer.

If possible start the marker square close to the head side so that it does not drag on the print my slicer some how some times starts at the opposite side dragging a little filament across the print but this can be scraped off.

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