“The first human to live on Mars might not be astronauts, but farmers.” Source: NASA

Meet 3Dponics

The first-ever Farming, Science and 3D Printing Mash-up   “Spyder 3D World is all about joining communities,” explains Joe Bloomfield, CEO of the online community. “Small businesses have the power to share ideas, make things better by working together, and this collaboration with 3Dponics is a perfect example of how 3D printing enthusiasts are making…

Spyder 3D World Lab

3Dponics System Design Mods

Spyder 3D World Engineers Collaborate With 3Dponics Enthused by the opportunity to collaborate with such a cutting-edge project, the engineers at Spyder 3D World printed each of the 3Dponics files and made note of possible design improvements. The resulting design improvements were submitted to the crew at 3Dponics and are available for download exclusively here…


How To Prep Your Print Bed

How To Prep Your Print Bed: Video Transcript 0:09: Hey…Hey…Welcome to Spyder3DWorld! 0:13: My name is Kevin and this colleague Enrique and we are your Spyder 3D Engineers. 0:18: We’re here at Spyder 3D World where we encourage you to dream, design, discover. 0:21: Today we will be discussing…tape. 0:25: So you’re just got yourself…

3D Printing Tips

Spyder 3D World 3D Printing Tips: Intro

Tips & Tricks from the Spyder 3D Engineers Stay tuned for upcoming episodes of Spyder 3D World! Our engineers will be sharing their library of helpful 3D printing tips and tricks. We would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to leave your comments and questions in the box below. If you have a…

We flipped the vase to print starting from the top of the vase to the base since the spirals were "falling" as they were being printed rather than fighting against gravity to be printed upwards.

Minimize Print Fails with Proper Orientation

Here at the Spyder 3D World lab, we dedicate a fair amount of time refining our 3D printing techniques. With each print, our goal is to determine the optimal configuration that will reduce print time and minimize the chances of failure. There are a number of variables to consider while setting up your prints –…

3D Printing Comminity | Spyder 3D World

How to Raise Your Profile

Welcome to the Community! Now, Let’s Raise Your Profile. COMMUNITY PROFILE ARTIST PROFILE MAKER CLUB PROFILE Now that you have registered as a member of Spyder 3D World, it’s time to spruce up your profile and introduce yourself to the community. First things first: let’s add a little window dressing to your Spyder 3D World…

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Turning 3D Prints into Art

  James Alday Turns 3D Prints into Art   James has also experimented with finishing techniques, and now these techniques are the hallmark of his work. He’s found that ABS is easily sandable but more difficult to get quality prints. PLA is easy to print with but more difficult to sand and finish. He uses…


3D Printing Software Essentials

There are a number of different 3D printing software combinations that can be used to slice 3D printable models communicate directly with 3D printers.

Intro to 3D Printing

3d printing is a tool that makes it possible to translate creativity and ideas into tangible objects.
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Fiber Bridging Techniques by Mark Leonard

One of the coolest parts of the 3D community is the open source sharing that goes on every day. So it was no surprise when Mark Leonard approached us to share the fiber bridging techniques he perfected after years of trial and error. Mark is a designer for Aztec Scenic Design, an ultra creative design…


Get Great Scans With This Customized Turntable

The Spyder 3D World lab is equipped with several printers and a David scanner. In order to create uniform consistent rotations for better scans, Enrique and Kevin wanted to use the Virtumake Arduino turntable. Unfortunately, the servo and specified board were out of stock and not available for months. So, they fired up Solidworks and…

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Pricing 3D Printable Models

By Noah Hornberger Is there a logical method for pricing your 3D printable designs? There are tens of thousands of free 3D models available online, which makes it difficult to figure out how to get compensation for your work without alienating prospective buyers. I’ll share my pricing strategy and thought process with you – and…