Apr - 2015

Carabiner by Walter

3D Printed Carabiner


Carabiners: The lightweight, connects-everything tool has finally made its way onto the 3D platform. Thank Spyder3DWorld’s contributing designer WALTER for his sensational one-piece tool.

The most intricate detail about this design is that unlike other carabiners which call for assembly of two, sometimes several parts, this seamless 3D version of the clip-on device is made of one solid part with split points where the original piece normally opens up from.

Are multiple colors, sizes and styles possible? Yes to all of the above. A printer would only need to specify what the carabiner needs to look like and the rest is a mere few steps away from design to finish.

Post how you use your carabiner with #Spyder3DWorld, so that we may feature you on the Spyder 3D World community.

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