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January 9, 2017

MiniWorld is designer & traveler Danny Sánchez's vision to create the biggest and best collection of 3D printable World Landmarks.

Designed in Fusion 360 and SolidWorks purposefully for 3D printing, models are optimized for household FDM printing. Results in more professional equipment are simply stunning.

The Idea

A visually-impaired friend asked Danny if 3D printing could be used to help her and others "see" the world - have you ever thought about that? - blind people can't see a world atlas or postcards, and if they visit a landmark, all they touch is usually a stone wall. With miniature models, they can understand shapes and sizes of the most famous buildings and travel with their hands. MiniWorld now has a catalog of more than 50 models from 21 countries for everybody to enjoy - and growing!


Aside from Danny, other designers have joined MiniWorld's mission and kindly contribute with their work. Thanks to Brian, Angelo, Andres, Daniel, and everyone who helps!

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