I'm addicted to 3D printing. I have been 3D printing since 2010, when I built my first Reprap mendel 3D printers. These days I print most of my parts on my Prusa i3 MK2. Do you have a cool idea for a project but do not have the modeling skills to get the project done? Send me a message of your idea and I might be able to help. I'm always looking for a new challenge :-) Do you like my designs and want more great projects? Donate a dollar or two to help order future supplies :-) http://bit.ly/2kbP40C Check out my youtube page : www.youtube.com/2robotguy Want to mail me something? It may show up in a future unboxing video (include note) Mark Fuller - PMB 163 463 Pooler Parkway Pooler, Ga 31322