Mar - 2017

An Image of the Past


Arif A 3D model is worth a thousand words that can lead to so many different directions. However, one thing that remains the same is the story of the artist who created it and the history behind it. Re-creating intricate designs is more than just a job to Arif Sethi, a designer at 3D FilaPrint, it’s “a hobby and a passion.” Even though each of his designs and creations have a story and history behind them, one of his favorite models is the Colchester Castle. His inspiration came from its architectural beauty and intricate design. A historical fact about this castle is that it is considered one of the seven man-made wonders of England. It was built in 1076, by the Normans and took nearly 50 years to complete.



Arif Sethi’s 3D model
A view of the real Colchester Castle.

                “It is empowering when you can take your idea from an abstract picture in your mind to a physical model,” Sethi said. He believes that it is easier to “explain your concept and manipulate your models by adding more detail and interesting functions.” Although Sethi finds 3D printing to be a challenge at times, it doesn’t stop him from turning his passion into a reality. “If my 3D models can be used to help someone out, be given as a gift, or put a smile on their face, that is the best feeling in the world,” Sethi stated. In life, this is all that a person can ask for, which is to be happy. What more can you do by using your talents and passion to create something unique and inspiring to others? If you have a passion, we at Spyder 3D World would love to hear it. Tell us your story and what inspires you to 3D print by commenting below. Click here to view Arif Sethi’s models. 

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