Oct - 2016

Add a Little Color to Your World



Colors have a fascinating way of bringing just about anything to life. Jason Powell, a student from Columbia University is capable of combining twelve different colors to create and design simple yet inspiring 3D models. Taking a DIY approach to 3D printing, Powell redesigned his Rostock Max to print multi-colored pieces such as the multi-colored vases you see in the pictures. Powell’s mission is to “upload very simple, fully tested and 100% ready to print” designs. “I want to make my instructions as universal as possible so you can set it up on any machine you’d like,” Powell said. In the future he plans on creating videos that explain everything in detail. However, for now his 3D multi-colored models are a work in progress. Powell’s goal is to collaborate with others who not only think and feel the same way, but also share the same passion. “When we work together in pursuit of obtaining perfection and simplicity in our lives through creation. We will,” Powell said.


vase-on-printer_preview_featured12 Color Vase-Color Mixing 3d-rainbow-vase1      

Click here for DIY instructions to 3D print the 12 Color Vase

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