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Across the Rocky Sea


%d1%81%d0%bd%d0%b8%d0%bc%d0%be%d0%ba-1-11-22In 1947, Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian explorer and writer recruited five sailors to take a journey across the Pacific Ocean. Even though Heyerdahl couldn’t swim and was afraid of water, he was determined to prove his theory that Peruvians could have originally populated Polynesia. They built a raft made out of balsa wood and used similar construction methods that were available to the ancient Peruvians. Once it was built, Heyerdahl named the raft Kon-Tiki after the Inca sun god, Viracocha. The men set sail for 101 days across the Pacific Ocean to reach the shores of the Polynesian Islands. Despite the struggles of contending with the stormy seas and navigating the stars, Heyerdahl proved his theory. His daring journey became one of the greatest modern day voyages of all time (Klein, 2014). Inspired by Heyerdahl’s determination, Tatyana Bulgakova, Director of Akinora and 3D printing enthusiast, designed a 3D printed miniaturized version of the Kon-Tiki raft. “I was impressed by how the six brave sailors voyaged on a primitive raft across the Pacific Ocean,” Bulgakova said. This led her to dedicate this piece after “these courageous men’s” journey. Adding detail to the raft, “some of the elements were decorated with a 3D pen,” Bulgakova explained.


When you look at how determined people get when they want to prove someone wrong, it inspires you to do the same. You end up believing that nothing is impossible to achieve no matter how many doubters there are in the world. Sometimes all you have to do is take a leap of faith. The impossible can only be achievable if you try and never give up. One thing that Heyerdahl’s expedition had taught people was to not underestimate the things that you can do. You’ll never know if you never try. Click here to view Tatyana Bulgakova’s designs.

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