Enter the Next Dimension!

The Spyder 3D® World platform was created in order to better understand how growing technologies such as 3D printers and laser engravers are constantly changing. By aggregating user-generated ideas, designs, and advice, we began to better understand the nuances of this exciting technological movement and realized our journey to inspire others with an interest in engineering and art.

As our online community developed and grew, the next logical step became clear: to bring our knowledge and services to a global audience. We started by partnering with educators and high schools in our area to provide students with the necessary tools and education to better prepare them for a fast-growing technical job market. Thanks to our combined efforts, students are actively complementing STEAM-focused learning with business practices in one cohesive atmosphere.

Spyder 3D® World aims to make the next generation of products and ideas possible by sparking inspiration in beginners and enthusiasts alike.

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