Dec - 2016

A Bridge of Lights


jj_2016_800x600-closeup Have you ever walked around a hardware store searching for a specific shape and size of a gear but couldn’t find it? For many 3D printer fanatics, this is often an issue. However, owning a 3D printer is magical, because you can 3D print anything that you want and create items that are not available.  All you have to do is design an object upon your own specifications and voila, there it is! Janis Jakaitis, creator and designer, is always conjuring up ideas to 3D print. For “as long as I can remember, I was building something i.e. LEGOs, robots, paper crafts, and electronics,” Jakaitis said. However, one thing that he always struggled with was finishing his “crazy contraptions” because he couldn’t find the right “mechanical parts, gears, or wheels” to complete his projects. It wasn’t until he found out what a 3D printer could do that lit his way to new ideas. One of his most challenging yet illuminating inventions is his LED bridge lamp. Although it took him two months to complete, he spent a year designing, planning, and implementing how he would 3D print it. His design takes after ancient Roman bridges. This model has the ability to set the level of brightness when you are in a dark room. As you think about what to get your family or friends for Christmas, let the LED bridge lamp light your way to inspire you to create new inventions.


Click here to print the LED Bridge Lamp and here to view more designs. Share Your Passion with Spyder 3D World: Looking for new ways to innovate, create and share your ideas? Share your passion with Spyder 3D World. Our website is open to creators who design 3D models and want to share them within a community. Become a member and join our Spyder community today. Explore, dream, create, and share with us your designs. The best of 3D printing is here. Follow us on TwitterInstagramPinterest, and like us on Facebook. Together we can make it happen!

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