Sep - 2015

3D-printed TSA master keys put travellers’ luggage at risk


A group of lock-picking and security enthusiasts have published a set of CAD files to Github that anyone can use to 3-D print a precisely measured set of the TSA¿s master keys for its ‘approved’ locks. Lock picker uses 3D printer to recreate TSA master luggage key that can open locks used by millions of Americans after image of design leaked – and now anyone can make their own Computer-Aided Design (CAD) outlines were uploaded to Github. Blueprints circulated after picture of key was leaked by Washington Post. They accidentally uploaded it with a feature about airport luggage. One lock picker tried out the guidelines and quickly produced the key. He said it picked a TSA-approved lock with ease. A security enthusiast has recreated the TSA master luggage key which can open locks the agency has told millions of Americans to use. Lock pickers released online blueprints for the key – which is used to open thousands of bags going through airport security every day- onto software sharing site Github. Then users took the Computer-Aided Design (CAD) outlines and produced their own version of it on a 3D printer.

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