We are Spyder 3D®, a small startup with a big dream: to give all students the opportunity to succeed.
In the last few years, we’ve partnered with several educational and child development institutions to bring a rich, engaging graphic media production program to life, lifting the spirits and self-confidence of students across Southern California.

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We created Spyder 3D® World to be a community hub for artists, designers, and engineers where hard work can be shared, knowledge can be gained, and inspiration can flourish.
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Programmed to Create

Sharyn Chan is a multi-talented creative with an impressive array of backgrounds and activities, having been a computer programmer, an award-winning motorcycle racer, a dancer, and most recently, an artist. With such an eclectic lifestyle, this accomplished mind goes above and beyond in all that she chooses to pursue.

A New Chapter for La Habra’s Boys and Girls Club

Spyder3D® is proud to announce a new groundbreaking collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club of La Habra, joining forces…
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Part-Time Artist, Full-Time Passion

The beauty of art is that it stays with you throughout your lifetime, even transcending occupations. One can be working…
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The Familiar in the Unknown

Technology exists to solve the problems that have plagued humanity. The wheel revolutionized transport, then came the steam engine, then…
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